Six Pack Shortcuts 2

Have you ever dreamed of a fast-track plan to incredible six pack abs without spending a ridiculous amount of money on a gym membership and tons of supplements?

Do you want a simple to follow and proven workout program that only takes four 30 minute workouts per a week that allows you to eat delicious food while still carving out chiseled 6 pack abs?

Have you ever been discouraged because you felt like six pack abs were beyond your reach?

If so, then you need to look no further than Six Pack Shortcuts 2. This workout program designed for guys of all shapes and sizes to achieve the abs of their dreams, all in just 3 months with simple, yet effective workouts that can be completed at home.

When you take action on Six Pack Shortcuts 2 you’re literally just three months away from six pack abs, and guys of any experience level can get started right away. The workout videos are designed to be used at home, cutting out the expensive gym membership fees and eliminating the need for bulky equipment. Dumbbell weights are the only piece of optional equipment to use, and from there you will learn how to use your body to strengthen itself in body weight variations. You choose your own intensity level and adapt it as you go along to work at your own pace while still achieving amazing results. Video instructors Clark Shao, Jonny Catanzano, and Henry Tran are excellent motivators and instructors who will help you achieve the results you’re after.

six pack shortcuts 2

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 features 3 phases of workouts to help you build muscle, tone, and get shredded, all while increasing your stamina. Part of what makes Six Pack Shortcuts 2 an even more advanced option than the original is the ability to adjust exercises and rest periods to fit your needs and your level. Six Pack Shortcuts 2 allows for increased variability. There are several new features as well to fast-track you to the abs of your dreams.

“Scorch Sets” are a hot new feature available on Six Pack Shortcuts 2 that build stamina to maximize your workout time and not lose fat-burning intensity. Scorch sets eliminate the rest period for back to back sets of fat-burning exercises. Each exercise is a 35 minute-or-less intensive period.

Another new feature is “Advanced Training Days” designed as a bonus challenge for those who want an extra day of challenge. While the Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program is designed with 4 workout days a week, we recognize that there are guys out there who want an extra day. This feature is also a great supplemental option for guys who still want to keep their gym membership as some of the exercises do require gym equipment. This feature will lead to accelerated results for those who choose to use it.

One of the best newest features on Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is the “Intensity Gauge” feature. This is the ultimate tool for catering the workout to you in order to build your own intensity while learning your body and understanding your own pace. Each workout includes guidelines for how to turn the intensity of your workout up or down to meet your needs. For example, you can choose the length of your rest period in between sets based on your experience. Level 1 beginners can use a 40 second rest period, Level 2 intermediates can use a 30 second rest period, and Level 3 advanced can use a 20 second rest period. This makes the program the most versatile workout product you can buy. Guys at any stage of the workout process can make progress and achieve amazing results.

Within 3 months, using the 3 stage program, you will have achieved incredible results, defined your body, and be well on your way to having the six pack abs of your dreams. Six Pack Shortcuts 2 works in three phases, each lasting 30 days. The program is designed to have users work out 4 days a week, adding one optional workout day with our new “Advanced Training Day” feature available on Six Pack Shortcuts 2.

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Phase One of Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is entitled: Afterburn Training Phase. This phase focuses on getting you into shape with full body workouts. There are body weight exercises combined with weighted exercises through dumbbell use to increase endurance and burn fat. This phase is designed to boost your metabolism and put you into the fat-burning zone every time you work out. No matter what level you are, this phase will bring you into the space you will need to tone your whole body.

Phase 2 of Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is entitled: Leptin Boosting Phase. This phase brings you into isolation training in order to focus on strengthening certain parts of the body. Your dumbbells will come more into play in this level as they are great tools for isolation exercises. Core cardio will also come into play in this phase. This phase is designed to maximize the amount of calories burned each time you work out. In this phase your body will boost thermogenesis (which raises the number of calories burned) and your body becomes more leptin sensitive.

Phase 3 of Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is all about Building Muscle. This phase is all about compound resistance training, which boosts and maintains energy levels in the body.

Advanced movements plus more core cardio comes together to get your six pack abs to show in the third stage.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is a program designed for all body types and levels of experience. It is also designed to be something that can be completed over and over again at different levels. An absolute beginner should plan to start with Level 1. However, once the entire program is completed once, you may go through it again with increased intensity.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is the ultimate workout program for six-pack abs! It also comes with additional bonuses! Included with your purchase is a 14 Day Trial Meal Plan to help fast-track you to chiseled abs. There are additional programs to accelerate your ab growth and to strengthen your arm muscles as well. The “Arm Blaster” bonus is sure to have you looking like a million bucks. After you buy the program don’t forget to download the bonus Six Pack Shortcut 2 app to utilize on the go.

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